Enrollment and Tuition

What is Part-time Student (Auditing Student)

Auditing system allowing for enrollment any time
This is a Japanese language learning system for people who have entered Japan with short stay visa (maximum of 90 days/visit), a visa other than student visa, such as staying as a family, spouse of Japanese national, specialist in humanities/international services visa.
The greatest characteristic is that it can be set the enrollment period and the ending period freely to suit the need of the student wishing to enroll.


① The student is not an official student, so the student identification card will not be issued, making the purchase of student discount commuter pass, etc., not possible.
② Enrollment is possible at any time, but it is strongly recommended for the absolute beginners to start the enrollment in the month when the official courses start (April, July, October, or January).
③ 1 week is equal to 5 days of lecture days. Non-working day or holiday is not counted as the lecture day.
④ The enrollment fee will be exempted for the student who have enrolled in the official course or was an audit student in the past.

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Tuition (Included Texts and other fee)

Atended term
Entrance Fee
Tuition (Included textbooks and other)
合 計 
1週間(1 week) 10,000 25,000 35,000
2週間(2 weeks) 10,000
48,000 58,000
3週間(3 weeks) 10,000 61,000 71,000
4週間(4 weeks) 10,000 81,000 91,000
5週間(5 weeks) 10,000 92,500 102,500
6週間(6 weeks) 10,000 104,000 114,000
7週間(7 weeks) 10,000 115,000 125,000
8週間(8 weeks) 10,000 126,000 136,000
9週間(9 weeks) 10,000 138,000 148,000
10週間(10 weeks) 10,000 149,000 159,000

単位:日本円(Unit:Jpanese Yen)