Central Place in TOKYO, Chiyoda-District

学校法人大原学園 Incorporated Educational Institution O-HARA Gakuen

en_yokosojapan.jpgThis is the official page authorized by the Japanese government. It is introducing various things about Japan. You will be an expert of Japan by reading every hole and corner.(English/Chinese/Korean/Others )

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japan_guide.jpgThis is the page introducing the sightseeing sites and culture/performing art of Japan. It is the site introducing Japan from various angles from the view point of travelers and foreigners residing in Japan.(English/Chinese/Korean)

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japan.jpgThis is the introduction of “history of Japan” in Wikipedia. The things will show many faces by looking from different angle, and this is true for history too. Look with your own eyes, experience it, and validate it.(English)

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immigration.jpgThis is the site of Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau. Details of the procedures and precautions regarding visa are described. Also, the precautions while staying in Japan are described and contact for each issue is listed.(English/Chinese/Korean/Portuguese/Spanish)

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stjp01.pngThis is recommended for supplemental study of Japanese language. Review the things you have learned in the Japanese language class and textbook before coming to Japan, and develop a solid base of the basics. <Provided by The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Meiji University> (English, Chinese*, and Korean*) * Only Kyoto University

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sign.pngThis is the authorized facebook fan page of OHARA Japanese Language School. Not only from the school, but information is posted by the current students and alumni, allowing to confirm the information of the school in real time.

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lgo_ohara.jpgThis is the official page of O-HARA. All the curriculums provided by O-HARA can be confirmed here.(Japanese only)

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