Central Place in TOKYO, Chiyoda-District

学校法人大原学園 Incorporated Educational Institution O-HARA Gakuen

Surrounding Environment
 Our red brick school building is standing in Iidabashi, Chiyoda-district, in the center of Tokyo. The Iidabashi Station is the cross point of 5 train lines, the JR Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line, and Namboku Line, and Toei Subway Oedo Line, located in a convenient location where access to major terminal stations such as Shinjyuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Tokyo, or Akihabara is only about 10 minutes.
 Periphery of the Iidabashi Station is also a business district with many Tokyo headquarters of major businesses such as Toyota Motors and KDDI, but the Imperial Palace is only about 15 minutes walk from the school, and it is also a quiet place with a lot of green, reminding of good old Edo era.

Characteristic of the School
 There are 3 general types of schools officially authorized by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
 These are national, public, and incorporated school (private) schools. These schools are accredited schools strictly managed and operated based on the Japanese Education Act, and OHARA Japanese Language School is established by O-HARA Incorporated School (University), and also a school in the miscellaneous category accredited by Governor of Tokyo. Since we are the school accredited by the government, students can receive various student discounts and benefits as the Japanese students, and tuitions, etc., are all tax exempted.
 The Japanese language schools and Japanese language program established by O-HARA is also in Osaka and Fukuoka in addition to Tokyo, and transferring within the school is also possible. It is also possible to advance to the graduate schools and advanced vocational schools established by O-HARA with a preferential treatment by fulfilling the condition.
 It is also possible to audit various courses, such as accounting, computer, animation, etc., established within the school, and challenge to acquire qualifications while learning Japanese by meeting the determined standard. That is, OHARA Japanese Language School is not only for enhancement of Japanese language skills, but allows to learn expertise simultaneously, aspiring for employment with a Japanese corporation or enhancing own skill sets. As a matter of fact, many of our graduates were recruited by Japanese corporations after graduating, and working in Japan now.