Facilities at the School

Facilities in the school are described here.


Small Classroom (18 - 21 Classrooms)

These are classrooms to perform daily Japanese language classes.

This is the most standard classroom for normal language class. There is a limitation of up to 20 students per one class. This is for the teacher can conduct a class by observing and understanding the comprehension of each student, and also to provide chance to speak out to as many student as possible. The class is conducted in multiple classes if there are more than 20 students at same level. As an example, class A will be divided into class A1 and class A2, so number of students in each class will be 20 students or less.

Large Classroom (1 Classroom)

This is used mainly for the venue for advancement orientation or test site.

Capacity of the large classroom is approximately 80, and it is normally used for periodic test performed simultaneously or for orientation, but it is also used for normal class once in a while. It is used as a site for various orientations, networking events with other schools, and for the school orientation inviting teachers from universities and vocational schools using the projector.

Special Classroom

PC Classroom (1 Classroom with 20 PCs and Projector)

This is used for class using speaking/listening skills training software and class for intermediate/advanced students.

This is a classroom to correct the Japanese language pronunciation and intonation of the beginners using the pronunciation training software co-developed with a software company installed on PC. How different is your pronunciation and intonation recorded through a microphone compared with the correct pronunciation and intonation of Japanese heard over the headset. This will be displayed on the PC screen as visual information of waveform, dynamic points, etc., making it possible to understand in a glance. Each student will be issued a unique ID, allowing to compare the past data with the current data, so degree of proficiency will be obvious.
Also, the intermediate and advance level classes will create a self-introduction document, search for research information used in the class, and prepare the presentation using the PC in this classroom.

Guidance Room (1 Classroom)

This room is mainly used for individual guidance and search for information of schools.

The purpose of coming to Japan for the students enrolling in our school is diverse. They are working very hard to acquire Japanese language skills to fulfill their goals, such as finding a job, advance into graduate school, university (including transferring), or vocational school, finding a job in home country utilizing the Japanese language, and many more. Guidance with excellent care to fulfill the goal of a student is performed by the class teachers and guidance counselor in the guidance room. There also are various information, application guidebooks, past examination questions, etc., of various schools in this room, and students can browse these whenever they want to. Information are replaced with a new one as it gets available, so current information can be searched.

Common Facility

Student Hall

This is opened to students at all time, so it can be freely used.

The student hall is also used for guidance, but it is normally a space that can be used freely by everyone. Please use it for the preparation and review of the class, taking a break, or having a meal. A Wi-Fi is installed in the hall, so the students can connect to the Internet using their PC, tablet, or smartphone. Also, this hall is decorated with Japanese traditional event of the season, such as “Tanabata” and “Hina Matsuri,” and corner of the hall may be used for a tea ceremony class, making this a place to experience the Japanese seasons and traditional events.

Auditorium (Main Building)

This is used for the speech contest, mock examination, etc.

This is a lecture theater with a capacity of 200 or more students, and it is used for the in-house speech contest and mock examination. It can also be used for presentation using a PC, etc. Everything in the auditorium can be recorded with a video camera set up at the rear, and video of the speech contest, etc., are recorded. It is possible to confirm what speech was performed by predecessors or how did your speech look like from the archive.