Central Place in TOKYO, Chiyoda-District

学校法人大原学園 Incorporated Educational Institution O-HARA Gakuen


Cultural Experience and Exchange

 Learning Japanese language is learning cultures of Japan in other words.
 To learn the culture, it is important for you to sense something from various experiences by actually acting, seeing, touching, and hearing. Therefore, as a part of the class at school, we take creative methods so you can sense many thing from various experienced outside our classroom through activities utilizing your spare time. We are hoping for you to feel the Japanese culture hidden behind the words, which cannot be understood just by looking up the dictionary, by feeling the Japanese daily habit and way of thinking through your own point of view.
 We, at OHARA Japanese Language School, are thinking that way.

Various Events

 O-HARA is a large scale school with schools established in 85 locations throughout Japan, with 60 thousand students and students attending lectures.
 There are over 10 thousand Japanese student and students attending lectures within Tokyo area, and it is possible to interact with them on daily bases. There also are many universities around the Chiyoda-ku area where OHARA Japanese Language School is, and periodic networking events are held with them too.
 Also, in addition to the standard Japanese language classes, there are opportunities to be exposed to the Japanese traditional cultures, such as Japanese style tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, rakugo, etc., and time to be exposed to native Japanese language via field trips for all students or per class.