Qualification Acquisition Course

Tour conductor qualification acquisition course

(enrollment any time)

DSC03282.JPGThis is a course to acquire the tour conductor qualification, allowing to work part-time at a travel agency.

atendant.jpgatendant.jpg The official title for the tour conductor attending the tourist visiting Japan from abroad is “itinerary control manager.” This is a course to acquire this official qualification.
Depending on the Japanese language level of the student enrolling the course, enhancement of the basic Japanese language level will be performed first, and then learning of tourism terms and test preparation classes will come next. Then, the itinerary control manager (tour conductor) test preparation class is held, aiming to acquire the qualification. Once the qualification is acquired, the qualification will be registered with the TCSA (Tour Conducting Service Association in Japan) organized by the tour agencies, and you will occasionally receive a request for attendance from various travel agencies.
This is a course especially recommended for students allowed to stay in Japan for long period, such as holding a working holiday visa, long-term residence or permanent residence visa, and also have extra time to spare. Once you acquire the tour conductor qualification, you will be able to interact with many people through the work, and at the same time, you will be able to notice and learn so many things. This is the intriguing course allowing those lively experiences.