Person Holding a Visa for Working Holiday

There is a free of charge “trial audit” period of 2 weeks for a person holding a designated activities visa and wishing to enroll in the audit course.
The student can start the audit lightheartedly, and can decide to continue the learning after 2 weeks.

Example 1: Have decided not to continue the audit after 2 week “trial audit” ➡ Just turn in the rented    
     materials and the procedure is completed. Audit fee is free of charge.
Example 2: To continuously audit for total of 10 weeks after 2 week “trial audit” ➡ Deposit the enrollment fee  
     and the tuition of 8 weeks when you have decided to continue. 
     (It will be 23,000 Yen cheaper!)

Please contact OHARA Japanese Language School Administration Office for details.