OOur school building is standing in Funabori, Edogawa-district, in the downtown of Tokyo. Near by the Funabori Station 3 minuets by walk, located in a convenient location where access to Akihabara terminal station is only about 10 minutes.
 Periphery of the Funabori area is Downtown and resident district of many Tokyo headquarters of major businesses and it is also a quiet place with a lot of green, reminding of good old Edo era.
There are 3 general types of schools officially authorized by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
 These are national, public, and incorporated school (private) schools. These schools are accredited schools strictly managed and operated based on the Japanese Education Act, and OHARA Japanese Language School is established by O-HARA Incorporated School (University), and also a school in the miscellaneous category accredited by Governor of Tokyo. Since we are the school accredited by the government, students can receive various student discounts and benefits as the Japanese students, and tuitions, etc., are all tax exempted.
 The Japanese language schools and Japanese language program established by O-HARA is also in Osaka and Fukuoka in addition to Tokyo, and transferring within the school is also possible. It is also possible to advance to the graduate schools and advanced vocational schools established by O-HARA with a preferential treatment by fulfilling the condition.
 It is also possible to audit various courses, such as accounting, computer, animation, etc., established within the school, and challenge to acquire qualifications while learning Japanese by meeting the determined standard. That is, OHARA Japanese Language School is not only for enhancement of Japanese language skills, but allows to learn expertise simultaneously, aspiring for employment with a Japanese corporation or enhancing own skill sets. As a matter of fact, many of our graduates were recruited by Japanese corporations after graduating, and working in Japan now.

 University Preparatory Course

  According to the School Education Act of Japan, the schooling period of elementary, junior high and high school (upper secondary school) education is defined as six, three and three years, respectively. And the same Act requires that all applicants to Japanese higher educational institutions such as universities, junior colleges and professional training colleges to be those who have completed 12 years of education until high school graduation.
  However, school education system varies from country to country, where in many countries it requires 11 (or 10) years for students to complete education equivalent to that of the Japanese high school education.ž
 Those who are from the countries where the schooling years until high school graduation is less than 12 years do not meet the eligibility requirement for Japanese universities or other higher educational institutions in principle and thereby unable to enter higher educational institutions as above in Japan.ž
  As a measure to solve this problem, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan has established regulations for university preparatory courses (Public Notice of the Ministry of Education No. 165) designating those who complete these courses are deemed equivalent to those who have completed 12 years of education in Japan.
  Therefore, enrolling and completing this university preparatory course means that students will be considered as having completed at least 12 years of schooling prescribed by the School Education Act of Japan by taking the basic subjects as described below while learning Japanese, which will then qualify them to take entrance examinations of the higher educational institutions mentioned above.


Details of curriculum and course hours are listed in Application Information.
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   As a general rule, University preparatory course are offered from April to March of next year (1 year coursr) and October to March of the year of after next (1.5 years).
  But, If you are one year course student and feel lack of Japanese level, You can choose extend one more year Japanese course.  Please attention it is only applying for one year course and not applying for 1.5 years course.

1 year preparatory course

 Course for intermediate or advanced level students such as up to JLPT N2 holder's. Application deadline will December 10 in the last year of admission year.
 Enrollment capacity: 20 persons

  • JPY20,000.- for Screening fee
  • JPY50,000.- for Admission fee
  • JPY660,000.- for Tuition
  • JPY20,000.- for Lerning material fee
  • JPY40,000.- for Other such as facilities,equipment and the other fee


1.5 years preparatory course

 Course for beginner and intermediate level students such as up to JLPT N3-N4 holder's. Application deadline will July 10 in the enrollment year.
 Enrollment capacity: 20 persons

  • JPY20,000.- for Screening fee
  • JPY50,000.- for Admission fee
  • JPY930,000.- for Tuition
  • JPY30,000.- for Lerning material fee
  • JPY60,000.- for Other such as facilities,equipment and the othe fee


Extend 1 year course

 This course only applying for finished 1 year preparatory course students whom feels Japanese is insufficient. Application deadline will biggining of March in the admission year.

  • Exemption screening and admission fee
  • JPY540,000.- for Tuition
  • JPY20,000.- for Learning material fee
  • JPY40,000.- for Other such as facilities,equipment, and the fee


Place & Access

No.4-14, 1-Chome, Funabori, Edogawa district, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3237-7120    facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OHARAjlsfan